Presented by Harvestworks
NYEAF 2011

[Jun 17] Hardware Hacking & Recycling Strategies

Benjamin Gaulon will present new work and discuss issues like e-waste, obsolescence and disposable society that have been the focus of his practice and theoretical research. Since 2005 he has been leading workshops and giving lectures in Europe about e-waste and hardware Hacking / Recycling. Workshops participants explore the potential of obsolete technologies in a creative way and find new strategies for e-waste recycling.


[Oct 8] Using Processing To Capture Data

While it can be time consuming to sift through your lines of code in search of a lost semi-colon, Processing offers users the ability to seamlessly integrate with large amounts of data.  In today's day and age data is stored by many companies and businesses and is easily accessible to web users.  With this class you'll learn how to find and prepare that data, get it into Processing, and finally turn it into the pretty project you've always dreamed of.


[Sep 17] A Practical Course For Audio Beginners

This workshop (as part of our Audio Master Class series) will help you to understand the concepts and parameters of your digital audio workstation (GarageBand, ProTools, etc.), as well as help you to recognize subtle differences in various audio phenomena. Taught by avant-garde "balloon music" composer and sound teacher Dr. Judy Dunaway.


[Jun 29] Victoria Vesna: Vibrations Matter Workshop

Victoria Vesna will present “Vibrations Matter” a lecture workshop on nanotechnology and sound. Using the Blue Morph installation as the base of exploration, the artist will explore the surprising sounds of metamorphosis and cellular transformation that happens in sudden surges, broken up with stillness and silence.


[Jul 16] NYEAF John Driscoll: Sounds Out of Thin Air Workshop

This NYEAF workshop on Governor's Island will introduce the audience to a world of sound based upon resonance, from the microscopic to the architectural. John Driscoll will have the audience interact with an array of his unique sound generating instruments.


[Jul 6] Rainforest Workshop / Composers Inside Electronics

John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, and Matt Rogalsky will present different perspectives on their work with David Tudor’s Rainforest project including: creation of resonant sculptural loudspeakers, analog and digital synthesis for sound sources, and acoustical modeling of sculptural loudspeakers in software.  They will also discuss the impact of Rainforest on their own compositions and installation works.


[Jun 4] FREE Max/MSP/Jitter Introduction


Harvestworks teaches Max for 20 years, and offers this free introductory 6hr course on a more or less monthly basis to get you started to work with the most powerful Interactive visual programming environment for music, audio, and media - in use by performers, composers, artists, scientists, teachers, and students. Max is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams.